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IFTTT Hooks - standalone app and widget for Samsung smartwatch series

Send IFTTT webhook events from your wrist

video presentation on YouTube:

Another videos: - shot by reddit user waspxx92 - another detailed explanation how to setup the app

HOWTO, Setup full guide (PDF)HERE

Configuration Service - how to create config - full guide (PDF)HERE

Configuration Service - how to load config - full guide (PDF)HERE

IFTTT Hooks Import Key service
IFTTT Hooks Configuration Service



  1. visit and obtain webhook key.
  2. create an applet which uses webhook
  3. install IFTTT Hooks app from Samsung Galaxy Apps Store on your watch and setup it

App menu and configuration

App main menu consists of the following items:

Send Triggers - send Triggers to your IFTTT applets.

Setup Keys - add or delete your keys. Required fields:

Setup Triggers - add or delete your Triggers. Required fields:

Params String allows to add an optional string to pass with a request.
Use the following format: value1=v1&value2=v2&value3=v3 or

Warning: do not use any special characters and spaces for ‘Event Name’. Your trigger may not work.
Bad: Open Garage
Good: open_garage

Bad: Party & Lights
Good: party_lights

Why? because when you do so, the url will be escaped. See the difference:
Bad: Party & Lights

Good: party_lights

Setup Widget - assign Triggers to Widget slots.

Widget Colors - assign colors to Widget slots.

Reset Config - reset app configuration on watch.

Load Config - load config from Configuration Service by code.

Upload Config - upload current app config to the Configuration Service.

App widget

App has a built-in Widget with six slots: 12h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 10h. Custom Trigger could be assigned to each slot.

Import Key feature

This outstanding feature allows to quickly import long key strings instead of typing them on your watch!
Make sure your watch is connected to internet. Then perform the following steps:

  1. visit IFTTT Hooks Import Key service
  2. generate short 4-symbol code for your key
  3. open IFTTT Hooks app and go to Setup Keys ⇨ Add ⇨ Import Key
  4. enter generated 4-symbol code and enjoy

In case something goes wrong you will see an error message.
Warning: for security reason code will expire in 10 minutes

Configuration Service

This outstanding feature allows to do the following things:

  1. Create and test Configuration
  2. Import Configuration on your watch
  3. Export Configuration to a backup file
  4. Create configuration from a backup file

Open the following link in your desktop browser:

  1. IFTTT Hooks Configuration Service
  2. fill in required information and create configuration
  3. test your webhooks by pressing Try buttons
  4. save configuration (remeber the code)
  5. save backup file

Tap on Load Config in the app menu:

  1. provide code
  2. import configuration on your watch

Tap on Upload Config in the app menu:

  1. remeber code
  2. visit IFTTT Hooks Configuration Service
  3. provide code
  4. load config
  5. save backup file

In case something goes wrong you will see an error message.
Warning: for security reason code will expire in 10 minutes

Internet connection (Watch MUST have Internet connection on to send triggers)

App uses Internet connection only to send requests when you press widget slot buttons or choose an item from Send Triggers list.

Send Triggers menu item shows a notification if Internet connection is absent on your device.

You are able to use app even without WiFi connection. In this case your smartwatch should be connected to your phone over bluetooth. Bluetooth Internet tethering should be enabled in your phone Connection Settings.

Bluetooth tethering on Android:

Short quiz, please answer

IFTTT Hooks quiz

FAQ (udpated 2019-06-20)

Q: Can I feel some kind of feedback when pressing widget buttons?
A: Visual feedback was added in version 1.0.8
Tizen Platform has certain limitation for widgets. There is no way to make a vibration or sound on widget screen:

Q: I cannot enter code, because input field does not display first letters of text. How do I enter the text?
A: This was fixed in version 1.0.7
Some users have words suggestion turned on in their Keyboard settings. A quick workaround could be turning off the suggestions, or simply swipe left on the text input field:

Q: When I trigger action there is a delay
A: Some users may notice a delay after they trigger an action. This is not caused by app. Network connection, as well as IFTTT cloud servers may cause delay.

If App does not work

Some users instead of sorting out the problem post negative comments immideately. This is not a clever approach. In case you faced a problem and the app ‘does not work’ refer to the following checklist:

  1. read carefully setup guide here
  2. test your webhook in desktop web browser: open then click on ‘Documentation’ link
  3. successful result in prevous step? NO: go to item 2, YES: go to item 4
  4. setup the app correctly on Watch
  5. check Internet connection on Watch
  6. successful result in prevous step? NO: go to item 5, YES: go to item 7
  7. Internet connection is present on Watch, App is configured correctly, IFTTT Webhook works in destktop browser, Trigger is sent successfully from IFTTT Webhooks watch app?
  8. successful result in prevous step? YES: GONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE GREAT!, NO: go to item 9
  9. submit an issue here, provide detailed information on your problem (please mask your IFTTT keys and any private information)

Some of Buyers’ comments and ratings

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Version history

2019.01.15 release date :sunglasses:
2019.02.14 v.1.0.6 Delete Trigger fixed
2019.04.02 v.1.0.7 Input fields display fixed
2019.06.11 v.1.0.8 Added visual feedback on widget button press
2019.12.20 v.1.0.9 Improvements:
Added sorting (a-z) in Send Triggers, Setup Triggers, Setup Keys lists.
Added App shortcut on widget screen.
Improved Import Key Service server response.
2020.02.04 v.1.0.10 Added Reset/Load/Upload config support
2020.11.15 v.1.0.13 Params String was added in Add Triggers screen